What’s on the shelf?

       Most probably, no one ever read my post but I will gladly share here the books I am currently reading!

       As of now, I have 6 books in the bin and I don’t know how to finish them all! 😦




The kindle image of the cover 😐 no other

        I am fascinated with this book for it really intricately described the Tudor Era.. although I am quite uncertain about the author’s claim that Arthur and Catalina de Aragon did not consummate the marriage.



Not really my genre but it is well written 🙂

Praise to Ms. Friesner! I like the book, although it is not really my genre, the book is  well written (but I haven’t finished it yet!) Queen Nefertiti is such a strong willed woman! 🙂



This is the new cover of the book but mine was the red one, the older one!

     If you haven’t read the first installment of this book, you are missing a part of your life. Written lavishly and describing the reign of the First Hanoverian King of Great Britain and that of Louis XV of France on the first book, Through a Glass Darkly,


Not my book cover again! 🙂


 Now Face to Face describes the adventure of Barbara Devane in the colony of Virginia. Exciting and yet I haven’t finish it. 😦


Oh! Nosebleed English! -_-

      An expensive book, I should say! I love Pride and Prejudice (book) and it is my habit that whenever I eat, I will always watch the movie (Kiera Knightly as Elizabeth Bennett!)

      I haven’t finished it yet for I am growing tired of the author’s style. Although seemingly, it looks like a piece from the 19th century, Jane really did have a particular air of writing! -_-

       Anyways, I am on the part where Elizabeth finally told Darcy that she is pregnant 🙂




      Oh I really love PHILIPPA GREGORY! You can just imagine the joy I feel whenever I read her books. She brings the historical figure come back to life! I don’t care about others telling her that she just make up stories–for me, SHE IS GOOD and AWESOME!

       I love this book and yet, I can’t finish it. I am so excited about Hannah’s fate. What will happen to her? What will she do when the Queen Mary’s eventually death will come? I am so ecstatic to know.. Reading soon 🙂


to top it off, my FAVORITE BOOK


My most dreadful, dreadful BOOK!

       I’ve read this book a couple of times, (eight to be exact) and I am so inlove with CATALINA and ARTHUR! By Sun, Lady Philippa managed to produce two already great historical figures into something better! I love this book so much! 🙂


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